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Prince Edward Island Tire Regulations

Tire chains are permissible. That's all the law says about them. Studded tires are allowed from Oct. 1 to May 31. Studs should not protrude more than 3.2 mm or 1/8 inches in fraction beyond tire surface. The regulation also notes that studs should not be installed on used or worn tires. Between the period from October 1 in any one year and May 31 in the next ensuing year, it shall be permissible to use tires on a motor vehicle moved on the highway having on the periphery of the tire studs or protuberances of a material other than rubber but not more than five per cent of the surface of such a tire shall be of a material other than rubber, nor shall such studs or protuberances protrude more than 3.2 mm beyond the tread surface of a tire, provided further that no such studs or protuberances shall be inserted in used or worn tires.

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