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West Virginia Oversize and Overweight Fines and Penalties

Penalties for violating weight laws in WV is a fine that a violator must pay based on the exceeding weight and impounding the vehicle. The offender is liable for any reasonable storage costs incurred in storing impounded vehicles: Provided, That if the owner of the vehicle is a resident of or has a principal place of business located in this state and the vehicle has been duly licensed in the state, then the vehicle may not be impounded by the arresting officer who shall deliver to the operator a written notice of the violation; the place, date and time of violation; the license number of the vehicle; the title number and name and address of the owner; the driver's name, address and the number of his or her commercial driver's license; and the court, place, date and time for hearing, which shall be within ten days of the violation.



1 – 4,000 lbs

$.01 cents per pound overweight

4,001 – 8,000 lbs

$.03 cents per pound overweight

8,001 – 12,000 lbs

$.07 cents per pound overweight

12,001 – 16,000 lbs

$.10 cents per pound overweight

16,001 – 20,000 lbs

$.15 cents per pound overweight

20,001 – 40,000 lbs

$.30 cents per pound overweight

40,000 lbs or more

$.45 cents per pound overweight 0Weight%20Limits.aspx

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