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Kansas DOT Regulations for Oversize/Overweight Load Flags/Banners/Signs/Lights, Running Hours and Holiday Restrictions

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Kansas Oversize / Overweight Regulations

Running Hours and Holiday Restrictions

Permitted loads are allowed travel from one-half hour before Sunrise to one-half hour after Sunset, Seven (7) days a week unless restricted on the permit. Vehicles more than 12' wide are not authorized to travel at night. Vehicles in excess of 8'6" wide may not operate on the Kansas Turnpike at night. Movement of loads in excess of 14' is restricted to 8:30 am to 4: 30 pm, Monday through Thursday. Loads in excess of 16' are rarely authorized on the Kansas Turnpike.

"Oversized Load" Banner Regulations and Requirements

All oversize loads (width in excess of 12') require "Oversize Load” signs are required for all loads moving under a permit.

Flag Requirements

Red flags must be attached to each side of widest part of wide load, and to the rear of all overlength loads. If overhang is over legal limits, end of overhanging object must be flagged

Warning Lights: Color and Placement

If overhang is over legal limits, end of overhanging object “a lamp shall be placed at the end of the load to make the overhang more visible during periods of hazy daylight.”

Source of Information:

Kansas Division of Vehicles - Trucking Through Kansas

What is considered as "Oversized Load" in Kansas?

Dimensions: Width: 12' (8'6"' Kansas Turnpike) Height: 14' Length: Any vehicle or combination: 125' Legal Overhang: Front: 3', Rear 4'.

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