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Colorado DOT Permit Regulations for Oversize/Overweight Load Flags/Banners/Signs/Lights, Running Hours and Holiday Restrictions

Running Hours and Holiday Restrictions

Operating Times: Sunrise to Sunset Loads up to 12' may operate with proper lights Loads over 12' up to 14' may operate at night with escort car. Restricted Travel: Eisenhower Tunnel--Loads in excess of 13' 11" high MUST use US 6 bypass. Wide loads over 11' must pull over and call for clearance through tunnel. There are other time restrictions on Colorado highways specified in 2 CCR 601-4 (401)

"Oversized Load" Banner Regulations and Requirements

"Oversized Load" load signs required for all oversized loads. Oversize loads required “Wide Load” or “Wide”, “Long Load” or “Long” , or “Oversize Load” or “Oversize” , as applicable. Size: 7' Wide, 18" in. high Lettering: black, 10" high, 1.41"' brush stroke Background Yellow

Flag Requirements

Flags required at all four corners of any extremities of wide and over length loads

Warning Lights: Color and Placement

Yellow warning lights: 1 on the cab of the truck 2 or 3 at the rear corners and extremity of the load.

Source of Information:

Colorado DOT, Oversize Load Regulations

What is considered as "Oversized Load" in Colorado?

DIMENSIONS: Width: 8' 6" Height: 14' 6" Overhang: Front 4', Rear 10' Length: 57' 4" WEIGHTS 20,000 lb. – Single Axel 36,000 lb. – Tandem Axel 54,000 lb. – Tri-Axel 20,000 lb. – Steer Axel Maximum: 80,000 (Interstate) Maximum: 85,000 non-Interstate

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