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West Virginia Manufactured Homes Moving


Blanket (Annual) Permits

Annual permits for mobile homes 14' wide or less. Not vehicle or route specific. Except for width and height, Single Trip limits listed below apply. 

Fee: $200 for each permit.

Valid for: 1 year

Permit information required: Company name, address, phone number, and insurance information. 

Single Trip Permit

Vehicle and route specific.

Maximum Limits:

Combination Length 110' 

Mobile Home Length 80' 

Width 16' 

Height 15' 6" 

Fee: $20.00 per trip. 

Valid for: 10 days. 

No travel is permitted on holidays. 

Permit information required: Company name and address, Driver’s name, insurance information, origin and destination, travel dates, license number, make and year of tow truck, mobile home make, serial number, license number and size. 

Travel Restrictions: 

Mobile homes up to and including 14' wide can move from sunrise to sunset, Monday through Friday and sunrise until noon on Saturday. Mobile homes greater than 14' wide up to and including 16' can move sunrise to sunset, Monday through Thursday and sunrise until 3:00 pm on Friday. Mobile homes greater than 16' wide are not allowed. 

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