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South Carolina Manufactured Homes Moving


Can I get a Single trip permit (allows for a one-time/one trip move, to be made within the 7 days the permit is valid, over defined routes specified on permit) to move a mobile home? – Yes 

Can I get a Multiple trip permit to move a mobile home? – Yes

Maximum limits for mobile homes granted by permit:

up to 16’ wide, 15’ high.

Length: The maximum overall length shall be 100 feet (mobile home 80 feet or less)

¥ A Multiple Trip Permit is valid for 1 year from the date of issuance. 

¥ Multiple Trip Permits may travel all US, SC and Interstate routes (unless posted for load) with the maximum dimensions defined above. Travel on secondary routes is prohibited; an additional route specific permit must be obtained from the permit office when traveling on secondary roads. 

¥ The complete vehicle identification number and tag number for the towing vehicle is required on each permit issued. 

¥ Multiple Trip Permits for Non-Divisible loads and Mobile Homes can obtain a route specific permit for loads up to a maximum height of 15 feet and up to 130,000 lbs. gross weight.

Self-Issue Multiple Trip Permit: Multiple trip permits for Non-Divisible loads, Containerised Cargo and Mobile Homes can be self-issued 24 hours, 7 days a week with an OS/OW web account or by signing on as a guest user. The above default dimensions will automatically be issued on the permit.

Mobile/Modular Home Permits: An Oversize Permit shall be issued to allow multiple pieces to be transported for modular home sections and the components used to assemble the modular home. This is to include, but not limited to, shingles, dormers, trusses and gable end walls, provided that the multiple sections and components do not exceed limits set forth on the permit for overall width, length, height or weight. Multiple pieces shall not be transported side by side or end to end, creating overhang on the rear or over the side of the vehicle or combination of vehicles

Permit Fees:

Single Trip Permit  $30.00 

Excessive width over 16’ $35.00 

Excessive width over 18’ $40.00 

Excessive width over 20’ $45.00 

Excessive width over 22’ $50.00 

Multiple Trip Permit (Annual) $100.00

Speed Limits for Mobile Homes: The maximum speed on the Interstate highways for a new mobile home shall be 10 MPH less than posted speed limit, not to exceed 55 MPH. All other mobile homes shall not exceed 45 MPH. The maximum speed on Non-Interstate highways for a new or used mobile home shall not exceed 45 MPH. 

Travel Times For All Loads (including mobile homes): 

¥ Up to 12 Feet wide: All loads or mobile homes up to 12 feet wide are allowed to travel one half (1/2) hour after sunrise to one half (1/2) hour before sunset Monday through Saturday. 

¥ Over 12 feet wide up to 15 feet wide: All loads over 12 feet wide up to 15 feet wide or mobile homes over 12 feet wide up to and including 14 feet box width (plus a maximum 12 inches top overhang for mobile homes) are allowed to travel one half (1/2) hour after sunrise to one half (1/2) hour before sunset Monday through Saturday EXCEPT travel prohibited in close proximity of large urban areas between 7AM-9AM all days and 3PM-6PM on school days and 4:30-6PM on nonschool days. 

¥ Over 15 feet wide: All loads over 15 feet wide and mobile homes over 14 feet box width up to and including 16 feet wide shall be moved Monday through Saturday only between the hours of 9AM and 3PM during school days and 9AM and 4 PM other days.

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