Colorado Manufactured Homes Moving


A Load consisting of a modular or Manufactured home with an open side(s) is prohibited from travel unless it is fully enclosed with paneling. The paneling shall consist of 0.5 mil plastic sheathing or stronger, backed by a grill work not more than a square 4 feet by 4 feet or if the open side is wrapped in reinforced polyethylene, grill work is not necessary. Any ready-made poly tarps and/or poly tarp rolls are not permissible. 

The overall Width of manufactured home shall be based on the total Width of the manufactured home exclusive of the measurement of the eaves of the manufactured home, provided; 

The base Width of the manufactured housing unit does not exceed 14 feet; and 

The total Width of the eave or eaves does not exceed 2 feet. 

See the rules concerning operation or movement of an Extra-legal Vehicle or Load 

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