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Oregon Axle Weight Limits

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Maximum Legal Weight Allowed

Maximum Weight Allowed

Common Vehicle Types​

  • 600 pounds per inch of tire width.
  • 20,000 pounds Single Axle.
  • 34,000 pounds Tandem.
  • 80,000 pounds Gross Weight.
  • Solo truck.
  • Truck-tractor and semitrailer.
  • Truck and trailer.
  • Log truck and pole trailer.

Exemptions and weight table. See https://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/Forms/Motcarr/8110.pdf

Maximum Permit Weight Allowed

Extended Weight, Permit Required:

Use for trucks with legal axle weights hauling divisible loads.

Maximum Weight Allowed:

  • Between 80,000 pounds and 105,500 pounds.

Common vehicle types:

  • Truck-tractor-semitrailer-trailer (aka doubles).
  • Triple-trailer combinations.
  • Truck-tractor.
  • Tri-axle semitrailers.


  • An additional 550 pounds above the weights shown above is allowed for fully functional idle reduction systems.
  • An addional 2000 pounds above the weights shown above is allowed for a vehicle that uses natural gas as its fuel source.

Heavy Haul Weight, Permit Required

Use for trucks with heavy haul / non-legal axle weights hauling a non-divisible load.

Maximum Weight Allowed

Common Vehicle Types​

  • Single Trip Permit is based on the number of axles and wheelbase.
  • Annual Continuous Operation Permits allows up to 98,000 pounds for non-divisible loads.
  • 600 pounds per inch of tire width.
  • 21,500 pounds per single axle.
  • 43,000 pounds per tandem axle, the weight shown on the over-dimension permit and the sum of the permittable axle, tandem axle, or group axle weight, whichever is less.
  • Truck-tractor-lowbed semitrailer.
  • Truck-tractor-semitrailer and booster.

See tables https://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/Forms/Motcarr/8112.pdf, https://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/Forms/Motcarr/8113.pdf and https://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/Forms/Motcarr/8114.pdf

  • Up to 48,000 pounds per tandem axle may be allowed if the combination of vehicles has at least 9 axle with a steer axle followed by four consecutive tandem axles which are 8 foot wide (standard).
  • Up to 52,800 pounds may be allowed when the combination has 10 foot wide axles with 4 tires per axle.
  • Up to 60,000 pounds may be allowed when the combination has 10 foot wide axles with 8 tires per axle.

(for Truck-tractor with jeep, semitrailer and booster)

Common Uses for Single-Trip Permits

  • Movement of an excavator on a truck-tractor/semitrailer combination, with booster axle behind the semitrailer, to distribute the weight. The gross weight is 140,000 pounds.
  • Movement of trusses. The trusses are 90 feet in length.
  • Movement of a piece of logging equipment. The height on the trailer is 16 feet 00 inches.

Common Uses for Annual Permits

  • Extended Weight, allowing up to 105,500 pounds gross weight, when hauling a divisible load.
  • Overwidth, when hauling a single, non-divisible load.
  • Excessive rear overhang, when hauling a single, non-divisible load on a truck-tractor / semitrailer combination.

Source of information: https://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/MCT/Pages/Over-Dimension.aspx
Online Weight Calculator: https://www.oregontruckingonline.com/cf/MCAD/pubMetaEntry/ODPermits/weightAnalysis/

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