Colorado Oversize Annual Permit | Oversize Overweight Load Annual Permits



  • Colorado’s legal height limit is 14’6".
  • Maximum width is 8’6” and legal weight is 80,000 pounds 
  • Combined GVW (gross vehicle weight) on Interstate and 85,000 pounds on Non-Interstate highways. 
  • There is no overall length requirement for truck tractor semitrailer combinations as long as the trailer does not exceed 57’4”. 
  • A combination of vehicles coupled together cannot exceed four units and is limited to 70 feet in length.


  • Annual Oversize Permit $250 
  • Annual Oversize/Overweight $400 
  • Annual Overweight only $400

Time, it takes to receive: 1 business day

Mailing method: Online/emailed

Commodity specific? Truck specific 

Need to obtain a route? Yes

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