Mobile Integration

Mobile Integration

Save time and simplify your OSOW operations with another exciting feature from Connect your drivers and office personnel without the need for lengthy phone calls. Instantly transmit critical load information such as pick and drop addresses, pickup numbers, appointment times, etc. Keep drivers updated with a live permit dashboard that shows the status of permits in real time and instantly sends permits to drivers when they are completed.

  • store your drivers in your account
  • select quote status
  • instantly send permits and critical load information to a selected driver

More Features

Custom Cost Calculator

A custom calculator that allows to you to input base rates, rules, and modifiers to produce an accurate quote instantly

Quote Management

Organize your quotes by selecting their status, assigning customers, assigning drivers, adding applicable notes or contacts

Automated RFQ’s

Organize and automate your incoming RFQ's using your custom quoting framework. 

Instant Oversize / Overweight Costs and Regulations

Standardize and streamline your oversize/overweight processes and operations.

Automate your quote calculations, setup manager supervision and allow everyone in your company to receive and quote oversize/overweight loads in seconds.

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