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Maryland Pilot Cars / Escort Vechicle Requirements

When Escort Vehicles are Required:

One escort must be provided for a permit move on any highway in the State if the permit move is:

  • More than 13’ wide, unless the load is a manufactured housing unit
  • More than 85’ long
  • 14’6” high or more (pole vehicle required)
  • More than 60 tons gross weight
  • Traveling when weather or road conditions justify the requirement of one escort vehicle

Two escorts. The permittee shall provide two escort vehicles for a permit move if the permit move is:

  • 14’ wide or more including a load that is a manufactured housing unit
  • 140’ long or more

The permittee must provide for police escort for any permit move that is 16’ wide or more, 75 tons gross weight or more, or the road or weather condition justify, or traveling against traffic may require two escort vehicles.

Escort Vehicle Signing and Lighting Requirements

  • Must have two-way radio contact and maintain constant communication.
  • A private escort must have at least one oscillating or rotating yellow light on the roof that is at least 3” in diameter and is visible from the front and rear.
  • Headlights must be on while conducting the move.
  • Escort vehicle must display a sign on the front and rear of the escort vehicle that is in black letters not less than 10” high, with a brush stroke not less than 15’8” wide.
  • The letters must appear on a yellow background, 18” high and 7’ wide, or on the roof of the vehicle at least 5’ long, 12” high, letters 8” high.

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