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Indiana Pilot Cars / Escort Vechicle Requirements

Permitted vehicles must have escorts when they exceed: 

12’4” in width, 110’ in length or 14’6” in height;

One escort vehicle must be in front when on undivided highway and in rear when on divided highways;

If over 14’6” high, must have an escort with a height stick traveling in front of load;

If between 14’4” and 17’ wide, one rear escort on a dual lane divided highway and two escorts (front and rear) on all other roads. 

Escort Vehicle(s) Requirements 

Escort vehicles must have a minimum of 4 wheels with a maximum gross registered weight of 11,000 lbs. Must have a ashing amber light mounted on top and an oversize load sign, which is visible to approaching trac. Must have radio communication with permitted vehicle and/or load and may not be more than 500 feet from permitted vehicle and/or load. 

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