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Virginia Manufactured Homes Moving


Single Trip Permit 

One move between origin and destination.

Maximum Dimensions:

Height: 15 feet 

Width: 15 feet 

Length: 150 feet

Fee: $20; Mobile homes and Manufactured housing will pay a flat fee of $1.00 in lieu of the 30 cents per mile fee.

Valid for: up to 13 days

Mailing method: online

Blanket Permit 

Multiple moves over a specified period of time.

Maximum Dimensions:

Height: 14 feet 

Width: 14 feet 

Length: 100 feet

Fee: $100 for one year; $200 for two years

A mileage fee of $40 and a damage fee of $360 per year will be added if overweight. If the vehicle configuration cannot be licensed in Virginia (Mobile homes and Manufactured homes included), the $40 mileage fee per year will apply.

Time, it takes to receive: 10 business days

Mailing method: online

Source of information: 

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