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Ontario Manufactured Homes Moving

Escorts for Manufacture & Mobile homes are required when the width meets and exceed 4.87m.

Permit holder is responsible for all horizontal and vertical clearances along the route and must ensure that proper clearance(s) exist. A pilot escort vehicle equipped with a height pole 8 cm higher than the load must precede the load to ensure proper vertical clearances and communicate any obstructions to the driver of the permitted vehicle.

Mobile/Modular Homes:

(This includes office and construction trailers and portable schoolhouse)
Mobile/modular homes greater than 29.25 m in length are not permitted to travel in convoy and require TWO private escort warning vehicles to accompany each load.

The escort personnel must be at least 18 years old and follow all signs.

Certified Superload Escorts are Required when these dimensions are met or exceeded.

  • Width: 5 m and greater
  • Length: 45.75 m and greater
  • Weight: upon Weight and Load Engineer's request

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