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Illinois Manufactured Homes Moving


Minimum Sized Vehicle Allowed to Move Manufactured Homes 

Following are the minimum size vehicles that may be used to tow manufactured homes: 

A) 8 feet wide manufactured home – passenger car. 

B) Over 8 feet up to 10 feet wide, 70 feet overall length manufactured home – ¾ ton truck.

C) Over 10 feet up to 12 feet wide, 115 feet overall length manufactured home – 1 ton truck with dual wheels. 

D) Over 12 feet wide up to 115 feet overall length manufactured home - 2 ton truck with dual wheels. 

Maximum Size Manufactured Home, Modular Home, or Oversize Storage Building 

The maximum size manufactured home, modular home section, or oversize storage building combination that may be moved in Illinois is 16 feet in width and 115 feet in length. This includes the towing vehicle. (See Section 15-304 of the Code.) Movements under authority of a limited continuous operation permit shall be restricted to a maximum height of 15 feet.

Manufactured Home Frames 

Permits for over dimension manufactured home frames loaded on regular or lowboy semitrailers or on specially designed vehicles that are normally accepted as semitrailers and are normally licensed as semitrailers may be issued. A permit may be issued to tow one manufactured home frame. The Department issues stackable manufactured home frame limited continuous operation permits. (Source: Amended at 36 Ill. Reg. 13254, effective Aug 01, 2012)

Mobile Home Emergency Moves 

In the event an area has been declared a disaster area by the President or Governor, house trailers may be authorised to move into the area without a standard permit. The house trailers may not exceed 12 feet wide and 85 feet combination length. They must be owned by the victims of the disaster or otherwise be brought into the area for relief purposes. If the units are furnished by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) the Permit Office will generally allow movement in conformance with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials' (AASHTO) National Policy. However, the Permit Office may include additional restrictions in its authorisation. 

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