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Alberta Oversize Annual Permit | Oversize Overweight Load Annual Permits

Annual Dimension Permit: Covers up to 14’6″ wide, 16’4″ high, 88’6″ long , 21′ rear overhang.

For General Permits this is an overview:

Established maximum vehicle weight and dimension limits help preserve highway infrastructure and the safety of the public. This includes legal limits for any registered vehicle for travel on any public road, as well as the provision for movement of oversize loads under permit.

Establishing maximum weight and dimension limits also:

  • minimizes the inconvenience to the public
  • minimizes damage to the roadway infrastructure
  • facilitates the movement of commodities which are non-divisible, deemed impractical to divide, or uneconomical to transport at legal dimensions
  • establishes and communicates to the carrier, a set of conditions for the safe movement of the load

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