Oversize.io mobile app allows you to seamlessly connect your fleet to your office personnel

Deliver permits directly to drivers and keep them updated on the status of permits, eliminating phone calls.

Allow drivers to alert permit personnel of incorrect reported dimensions to prevent purchasing incorrect permits. Drivers can report damages and upload picture or video evidence of the damages through the app, alerting office personnel to the situation.

Scan and upload signed BOLs and other critical documents that will be attached to the load. From start to finish, simplify the communication between your fleet and office personnel .

Permit Functionality

Instantly confirm load dimensions for permit personnel upon arrival. View live updates on the status of permits and avoid unnecessary check calls.

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Loading Protocols

Report damages not listed on the BOL directly to office personnel via the app. Upload or take pictures and videos and provide a text description of the damages.

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Document Exchange

Upload and transmit critical documents such as permits, BOLs, manifests, etc. Instantly scan documents with the app without the need for portable scanners

oversize heavy haul mobile app document upload

Max Axle Weight Calculator

Instantly calculate the maximum allowable weights for each axle group in your configuration by state or province. Eliminate lengthy research.

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Instant Oversize / Overweight Costs and Regulations

Standardize and streamline your oversize/overweight processes and operations.

Automate your quote calculations, setup manager supervision and allow everyone in your company to receive and quote oversize/overweight loads in seconds.

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