Simplify Your Oversize / Overweight

Standardize and streamline your oversize/overweight processes and operations.

Instantly determine permit and escort costs, quickly get to your rate per mile, calculate max axle weights and manage permits with one simple system.

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Brokers / 3PLs
Owner Ops

Quote OD loads quickly, easily and safely

After entering your load information you'll see a customizable route on the map, total mileage, price and a detailed by-state breakdown of:

  • oversize / overweight permits and prices
  • civilian and police escorts required
  • superload / route survey information
  • approximate mileage per state
  • running hours & holiday restrictions
  • oversize flags, lights & banners regulations

Our Quotes & Pricing tools offer an array of solutions designed to streamline and organize your workflows without the need for outdated pricing spreadsheets, allowing you to process more volume, respond to your customers faster, develop lane analytics, and much more all starting at $29 / month.

Know your costs and truck revenue

Get to your truck rate per mile and respond to your customers in seconds.

  1. Enter your offered rate for the load and extra miles, the system will tell you your truck revenue.
  2. Send a professional looking quote to your customer in one click.
  3. Get powerful real time analytics into your lane pricing, past quote and company performance free of charge.

All information is private and is only visible in your company account.

Understand your equipment limits and simplify axle weight compliance

Instantly determine your axle groupings and their maximum allowable weights in every state or province along your route

  • Avoid potential routing issues with illegal weights
  • Avoid costly citations for over axle or over gross weight conditions by understanding proper weight disbursement
  • Easily swap different types of tractor trailer configurations to understand what equipment is best suited for the load

Permit Management System

A state of the art system designed to expedite and organize all your oversize/overweight permit processes.

  • Expedite the ordering of permits through saved critical data such as equipment info, measurements, etc.
  • Eliminate clerical error with our "clean sheet" that provides all information necessary to order permits in every state/province along your route
  • Simple delivery of issued permits and other attachments to assigned drivers

Mobile Integrations

Deliver permits directly to drivers and keep them updated on the status of permits with live updates, eliminating check calls.

Allow drivers to alert permit personnel of incorrect reported dimensions, load damages, take pictures of loading and delivery and more.

Nathan Watson
Senior Director – Construction Logistics
I can’t say enough about Oversize.IO. As a Third Party Provider, it is extremely challenging to get in a play with the big asset companies in the OD/OW space. There are so many variables to consider when putting together quotes and there is no room for error. Not only did it take years of experience to understand all of the different types of commodities,
equipment and lingo, but once I had that knowledge, it was still very time consuming checking all of the different resources to confirm Permit, Escort, Superload, Police, Survey, Holiday restriction/requirements/costs. The states don’t do us any favors with this since requirements change with EVERY state and each state can change their requirements at any time. Used to be, If I had a super load going across, say 6 states, that quote could easily take me 30 minutes to quote. With Oversize.IO bringing all of my resources into one platform, Now I can knock that quote out in 2! Time is money and I would say our monthly subscription is paid back 10 fold with time saved. I was a little skeptical to begin with, so I double checked their data against my old method for the 1st month or so and quickly confirmed them to be very accurate. Now I trust it without question. The customer service has also been outstanding so far. They are there if I have any questions and they are very open to feedback.
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Matt Townsend
Sr. Account Executive / Heavy and OD Specialist is the one stop shop for the required OD/overweight costs, routing, and restrictions that we absolutely love and depend on! With the competition at its highest, this is an incredible tool that provides our heavy haul department the competitive advantage in the specialized shipping arena. We are providing customers, carriers, and
colleagues with true market rates with a click of a button and are seeing a large increase in our market share because of it! This type of required transparency is unheard of in this market and without we would be left spending endless time navigating. It’s because of this tool that we are planning ahead with all requirements needed, remaining educated, foreseeing issues, and ultimately meeting our clients special demands.
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Kevin Tully
CEO has been a phenomenal tool for anyone in the supply chain looking to estimate transport costs and determine optimal routes. Their figures are remarkably accurate and they work with the transport industry, not against it. I would highly recommend their service as a time-saving tool for anyone looking to expedite the process of determining actual costs.

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Standardize and streamline your oversize/overweight processes and operations.