Avoid oversize / overweight fines with Oversize.io

Tired of costly overweight fines?

Process your load through our Max Axle Weight Calculator to determine your maximum allowable axle weights for every state along your route. Eliminate guesswork and see exactly what axle weights are legal and permittable before you accept your load to prevent the possibility of an illegal weight configuration.

Instantly Determine Permit & Escort Costs

Calculate all required permit and escort costs for every state along your route. Also, see where route surveys and superload applications are required. Avoid unforeseen pitfalls that could cost you thousands.

Simplify Permit Ordering

Order your permits in a fraction of the time by using our Permit Management System. Store equipment store company information, and assign drivers to deliver permits and critical load information via the mobile app. 


Custom Cost Calculator

A custom calculator that allows to you to input base rates, rules, and modifiers to produce an accurate quote instantly

Permit Management System

A state of the art system designed to expedite and organize all your oversize/overweight permit processes. 

Company Analytics

Examine company performance through different metrics such as: rep performance, quotes by customer, most profitable quotes, etc

Automated RFQ’s

Organize and automate your incoming RFQ's using your custom quoting framework. 

Quote Review

Assign parameters to specific users, assign managers to review all outbound quotes, and review accuracy to make potential pricing changes. 

Lane Analysis

Compare past quotes within a specific origin radius to see previous pricing, contacts, and pertinent info. 

State Regulations

Conveniently provided state/province regulations including holiday restrictions, running hours, and flag-banner requirements.

Quote Management

Organize your quotes by selecting their status, assigning customers, assigning drivers, adding applicable notes or contacts

Permit & Escort Cost Calculator

An instantaneous calculator that shows all required permits and escorts for states and provinces along your route

Max Axle Weight Calculator

A calculator that instantly determines your axle groupings and their maximum allowable weights in every state or province along your route

Mobile Integration

Mobile Integration

Instant Oversize / Overweight Costs and Regulations

Standardize and streamline your oversize/overweight processes and operations.

Automate your quote calculations, setup manager supervision and allow everyone in your company to receive and quote oversize/overweight loads in seconds.

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